I’m Cheryl Klein, Executive Editor at Arthur A. Levine Books (an imprint of Scholastic), and this is a small repository of information about writing, publishing, the books I’ve edited, and my editorial tastes. Please poke around and make yourself at home.


Upcoming Appearances: I will be teaching my acclaimed Plot Master Class as a one-day workshop in Brooklyn on November 8, 2014. All proceeds from this workshop will benefit Park Slope United Methodist Church, my awesome progressive community home. More information and registration details here.

I’ll also appear at the KWELI Children’s Book Writers’ Conference in East Harlem on the evening of Tuesday, September 30.

Next spring, I’ll again be teaching a course for aspiring editors on editing children’s and YA fiction at NYU’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Keep an eye on my blog for further details.

Would you like me to appear at your writers’ conference? Invitations are always welcome via the e-mail address listed below.

Ongoing Appearances: Since 2011, I’ve been a quasi-regular cohost of the Narrative Breakdown podcast, founded and hosted by the excellent James Monohan. My favorite episodes with me include #8, #17, #18, #22 (an interview with writer E. Lockhart), #35 (with friend, author, and editor Jill Santopolo, discussing middle-grade fiction), and #41 (with friend and author Kathryne Beebe, discussing query letters).

New on Cherylklein.com: Black and White and Read All Over: ¬†Diversity and Equity in Children’s Literature, my magnum opus on the subject, complete with social science research, statistics, a walkthrough of the editorial process, and some thoughts on what readers, writers, editors, and everyone else can do about increasing the diversity of children’s literature. Please check it out.

Some Observations on Electric Eels, a talk on outsider stories, reader-character connections, and icthyology.

I also recently updated my Plot Checklist.

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